The Future of Google

Google wasn't the first search engine on the Internet. For those of us who have been around a while, we'll remember search engines like Netscape, Infoseek, Yahoo! (yes, Yahoo actually did have a great listing service back in the day), and others. Google was, in Internet years, very late to the game.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two grad students who met at Stanford in the mid-90's, thought, like most Internet users, that the Internet was not easy to navigate. The so-called search engines of the day were easily gamed by spammers, and that relevant content would remain hidden from the public until someone could create a search engine that could index the entire Internet, monitor it for changes, and use the context of a site to determine its relevance.

It's hard to believe imagine the Internet without Google, but before 1998, it was a reality. However, once people tried Google, and were able to find content they were actually looking for, technical documents that lived in obscure servers around the world, and to find their long lost friends from high school, Google took off like a rocket.

The rise and adoption of Google also gave rise to modern SEO. People, like me, knew that with a level playing field, we could grab our disproportionate share of the American Dream be ranking well for keywords that described the products we were selling. Almost from day 1, EDM, or Exact Match Domains, were like beach-front property: finite, limited, and in high-demand. Google rewarded domainers who spent small fortunes buying up domain names that exactly matched their

Some, as I do, believe that these domains help the user really pin-point the product or service they are looking for. If they want to find a T1 price quote, wouldn't it make sense to visit a site like ""? I, and millions of others, think so, as did Google - until September 2012, when everything changed.

Today, EDMs are no longer in favor in the Google algorithm. Unless you plan to spend a fortune writing tons of content, updating your site daily or at least weekly, building thousands of links to your site - including social links, it does not pay to acquire exact match domains. People, like me, sitting on hundreds of awesome EDM's, saw the value of their online real estate crater like home values in 2008. We'll still hold on to them, or most of them, in hopes that Google will one day come to its senses and hit the Control-Z button.

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